Insight is everything

Insight gives you a world of benefits.
Take insight into client-agency relationships for example. With insight, you can avoid or resolve difficult situations. Insight lets you grow – professionally and personally. Insight helps make things better. Better creative output. Better collaborations. Better relationships that are more open, profitable and upbeat. The same goes for collaborations between agencies and clients. And vice versa.

Every organization wants happy customers and happy employees.

Effective client management helps make it happen. It’s a professional field. That you can learn. And once your client management is running smoothly, you’ll see rising customer and employee satisfaction. It gets things moving.

And vice versa?

Every client wants a happy agency. Because a happy agency produces the best work. The trick is to play the ball to the agency so that it scores maximum results. It may not be a science, but it is an art.

Training Workshops and Solutions

Developing insights take years. Can you speed up the process?

Yes! You can now buy or rent it. As a training course, workshop or in-company support.

Who benefits?

  • Agencies that want their account teams to grow.
  • Project and account employees who want to achieve growth themselves.
  • Agencies that don’t have an account department but do want to have client management skills in house.
    Examples include media, PR, consultancy, production and design agencies.
  • The communications teams and departments of brands. They serve internal clients. Managing agencies or in-house teams is part of this process. Special insights apply to this.

About me

I have 25 years of experience on the agency and client side. So I’ve gained a broad spectrum of insights. Because I enjoy sharing those insights, I began writing a blog. Every week I present a new insight on agency-client relationships. And vice versa. Now it’s time for the next step. The blog is now available “live”.

You have a unique ability to help people, brands and organisations move forward. From insight to improved insight. Based on collaboration, streamlined processes and results.

Aline van Keulen

VP Communications at KPN

Razor sharp focus on the professional field and a great person to get to know!

Lisa Been

Account Director, Accenture Song

Anneke stands out with her dry sense of humour and ability to put things into perspective. She makes complex things simple. It is wonderful to work with her.

Monique Lotsy

Interim Senior Marcom/Campaign manager, currently at KPN, previously at HEMA, IKEA, Blokker and others.

An invaluable wealth of experience and advanced political skills. Anneke is also just an all-round great person to work with.

Daan Remarque

Brand and Communications Strategist.

Anneke is indispensable for our agency: she simplifies complex issues and shows you in her training courses how to tackle client challenges proactively.

We are Duffree

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