Islands in the stream… 🎵

The closing song from the Beckhams documentary is lingering in my head… Islands in the stream, that is what we are….
It reminds me of floors in office buildings.

Groups of desks float like islands in the -now rather empty- spaces. Occasionally people sit on one of those island blocks. On some days, they are compulsorily occupied.

The own teams sit together on their own islands. Information is exchanged, on sunny days, but not combined. Unsociable! Waste of money too.

If you look closely, you can see a stream of budget, between the islands, run off into the elevator shaft….

That budget leakage is easy to fix. With “mixed sitting” the biggest problem is already solved.

Oh wow, is this that short documentary from Corporate? That’s really tightly done though. Yes, there is a new girl at Data, Minou, who does pilots. Delivered all kind of new information. Super nice right so?

It also dovetails with our new recruitment campaign.

We can also do this as mini-documentaries on social. Pair of 6″ added. Who shot this? Well, a very cool company. I’ll just app it.

Shall we photograph our own people like this, too? Creating new backends for Linkedin…
And for the Teams! Has our appearance been jacked up in one fell swoop.

I just saw Ben from Sales in the elevator. I don’t know how, but we can do something with this in offerings. In line with the manifesto, with a pinch of kiloknaller?

Who wants to know that I have media to spare? Otherwise, I have cancellation fees.

Yes!!! Bring it on!

So suddenly everyone sees combinations. A good creative concept always finds its way. The saved budget can be put back in there.

Better output and more fun collaboration? Mixed Sitting helps!

<SFX fade out> And we rely on each other, ah ha 🎵

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