‘How do we get more business out of an existing customer relationship’? Good question. Just as much as the other way around: ‘how do we get more value out of an agency relationship? The client is eager to cut costs. The agency (whatever kind of agency) wants certainty about what is in the pipeline.

A client doesn’t just put his cards on the table, of course. There has to be trust. One way not to get that is to start talking about new assignments without even having performed anything.
Is that trust there? Then the following game may be an idea.

I think about many things: is this a quartet?

A series of two is also fine. I like quartet or four-in-a-row more.

A few simple examples.

You make a Christmas video. At some point there comes a good time to ask: What are you doing for Easter? Sugar party? Another religious holiday and you have quartet.

An assignment was given for a Mother’s Day expression: what do we do for Father’s Day, and for Animal Day? Is there another day? King’s Day! QUAR-TET!!!

Event for product launch, hearty fun. Are we launching more products? Oh, three more this year? This concept lends itself quite well to a series actually with minimal modification. QUARTET!

Benefit to the client? A sweeter deal and the expressions are -if desired- “related to each other. Sometimes it is also an advantage to buy peace of mind knowing that the upcoming topics are covered. The agency is happy, which is an advantage because they make better work than non-happy agencies.

Can everyone spot quartets and make them negotiable? Yes!
When you’re on the shoot together. Or sit and wait for the others to get into the Teams call as well; can you just mention it in passing….

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