What does your invitation say about you?

In a collaboration, one person wants something from the other. That goes back and forth. A relationship with a client, with an agency, with an internal client; give and take alternate constantly.

A connection grows into a business connection.

None of this happens overnight; you have to do something for it.
Like what?
Well, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Acting from that POV.
Finding the other person more interesting than yourself. Or at least equally interesting and important.

Everything goes easier when you put yourself in the other person’s position.
Sales go better because you understand what the customer needs and is going to have. Projects go better because the team is properly serviced. Mutual relationships run more easily when there is genuine interest in each other’s principles and goals.

Here’s an example of a common don’t-put yourself-in-the-other-persons shoes

Marie wants something from Pete. Not much, just one meeting, but still.
Convenient if Pete is positive, or neutral, toward her.

Marie will send Pete an invitation via the digital agenda For next week. The subject reads, “coffee with Pete.”
Pete accepts.

Pete checks his calendar. It lists “coffee with Pete” among 38 other appointments that week. ‘Pre-talk Pete,’ ‘Tapping Pete,’ ‘Month Closing with Pete’.

Pete himself is Pete. Who is the appointment with, he wonders? About what? Location? To find out, he must click through in his calendar. Really annoing.

Did Marie put herself in Pete’s shoes when she sent the invitation to Pete? Probably Marie was thinking about Marie. Pete feels that from the invitation. Oops, Marie.

With the same ease, Marie could have sent:

“Pete x Marie coffee | preview evaluation @coffeecorner4th

Hey how pleasant, coffee with Marie, nice and tightly arranged. Top, I’m looking forward to itis what Pete thinks now. Mentally, Marie has extra credit with Pete now.

Smart of Marie. I would say be a Marie.

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