Yes, super fun all around, but what is the schedule?

The more I deal with the Planning section, the more inspired I become. I therefore cut the section into several blogs. Today part 1.

Planning is something paradoxical. On the one hand, there is a hint of dullness around it. If you are “the girl who makes the planning,” people often talk past you compassionately because you are supposedly not doing important things.

Planning, on the other hand, is one of the most in-demand and therefore sought-after items in the creative industry. How often does a meeting -even the one in which something sky-high has been presented- not end with the question “Yes, but what is the schedule?”

The second paradox. Planning gives those involved peace and at the same time restlessness; the joyful excitement that something is really going to happen.

About the peace that planning brings.

When there is already an idea, but no planning yet, those involved are often a bit irritated restless. Questions about how this and that and so and so and will that work out? Share the schedule and everyone is instantly happy. Planning gives the feeling that the process is under control. So convenient to make it as soon as possible.

Let’s zoom in for a moment on the cheerful agitation that something is really going to happen.

Something has to get from A to B. Life in a nutshell. This requires planning. To make it, it is necessary to know: where exactly is B? Fine that you are ‘driving change,’ but where does the drive go? ‘Yes, no we all go across the street’, is said at the meeting. Super fun! Do we end up at the ferry, that big grassy knoll or there, at that farm with the cute doghouse? Ambiguity on point B is fine for a while. The idea has to grow, mature.
There comes a time when it is necessary to ask the question: where do we want to be on the other side of the schedule? The answer to that question is the difference between babbling and bringing something to fruition.

Next week: ‘without planning no progress’ or ‘the strategic thinking that goes into planning’. But maybe something completely different. That planning is not yet complete.

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